Laser – Hair Removal

The most common technique currently used in hair removal procedures for both males and females is photoepilation: the use of lasers or filtered intense pulsed light (IPL)/Laser to cause hair-follicle coagulation. This technique is based on the theory of Selective Photothermolysis. It requires a series of treatment sessions spaced 1-3 months apart and is associated with minimal discomfort and side effects.

The photoepilation application is an IPL system which features Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) technology and thermoelectric Skin Contact Cooling to enhance safety, comfort and efficacy on skin types I to V. Dynamic Pulse Control was developed to enable an additional dimension in controlling safety and efficacy of photoepilation on all skin and hair types. In addition to pulse duration control which is available on most lasers and IPL photoepilation Platforms, DPC enables pulse configuration control. For each fluence and pulse duration setting, light energy may be released in one of three DPC settings: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse which is the most aggressive. Light skin patients and light/thin hair can tolerate more aggressive energy delivery while darker skin and dark/thick hair can be effectively removed with minimally energy delivery which is essential to assure safety. Dynamic Pulse Control is enabled through the use of state-of-the-art pulse forming network (PFN) electronics designed specifically for the Sharplight systems.

It is important to remember before your Laser/ IPL Treatments:

  • You haven’t waxed / used mechanical epilator for at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment (however, you can shave the areas you would like to be treated);
  • No tanning beds/ creams, no unprotected sun exposure for at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment (TIP: begin your Laser sessions ASAP after the Summer time);
  • You haven’t taken Accutane (medicine for acne treatment) for at least 6 months prior to the treatment;
  • You are not pregnant;
  • You don’t have history of light-induced seizures.