Massage Therapy is one of the oldest techniques, producing multiple therapeutic effects to optimize health and instill a feeling of well-being. The positive effects may be localized in the area being massaged, or more generally throughout the whole body.

Regular Massage Treatments act on the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems and promote a positive physiological effect. Multiple studies have found that regular massage therapy is effective for relieving pain, decreasing muscle spasm, increasing joint mobility, decreasing signs of inflammation in the joint capsules, tendons, or ligaments. It also helps to heal damaged muscles thereby improving sleep patterns. Dozens of studies have shown the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing stress and millions of people avail themselves of the services of a massage therapist to treat stress.  Massage therapy is a proven discipline within the medical community with scientific evidence supporting the use of massage for stress management. Massage Therapy is a proven way to reduce harmful levels of stress hormones in the body while increasing levels of endorphins.

Swedish massage

massage1Swedish massage is the most common massage modality which uses a number of classical massage techniques to improve relaxation, reduce muscles tension, to treat many causes of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. It aids to improve circulation, increase venous and lymphatic return. Classical massage may reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleeping pattern. It can be used for clinical conditions such as headaches, chronic back and shoulders stiffness and pain due to repetitive movements, prolonged driving, poor posture when working at a desk. Appropriate pressure will be applied based on client’s individual needs. Trigger Points compressions can be applied to treat and reduce myofascial pain.

Trigger Point

massage3Trigger point release is designed to treat and reduce myofascial pain syndrome.

The pain from these points is described as dull, aching, and deep. Pressure to hyperirritable area (trigger point) can be applied by the therapist’s elbow, thumb, and sometimes tools. Trigger points treatment can eliminate the original source of the pain and break the pain cycle. Once the pain cycle is broken, hypertonicity and spasm is also diminish.

Deep tissue massage

massage2Techniques of Deep tissue massage reach the deep areas of the muscle, focusing on the attachments of the muscles, manipulates the fascia, loosen ligaments and tendons based on client’s individual needs. Treatments goals include reducing muscles stiffness, pain, increasing range of motion, reducing fibrosis and adhesions, increasing muscles flexibility and relaxation, decreasing stress level.

Pressure can be applied using the elbows, hands, knuckles, and sometimes tools. Trigger Point’s compressions can be applied to treat and reduce myofascial pain.

The deep tissue massage is quite intense and can lead to some muscles soreness the next day or day after.

Vacuum Cupping Massage

20151016_102522Traditional cupping treatments are known and have been in use around the world since ancient times. These same treatments and technics are still relevant today. The principles behind vacuum massage is changes in air pressure; the change in air pressure allow for improved microcirculation and improve lymph drainage.

Some of the key benefits of a vacuum cupping massage:

  • Improving local and regional blood circulation in the skin and muscle tissue;
  • Improving the elasticity of the muscles and connective tissue;
  • Increasing fat metabolism in the underlying tissue with subsequent normalization of the body weight and balance of lipoproteins;
  • Providing therapeutic effect due to lymph flow stimulation to strengthen and enhance the migration of leukocytes and phagocytes in a pathogenic zone;
  • Normalization of water-electrolyte metabolism;
  • Acceleration of the rate of oxygen consumption and fatty acid release in adipose tissue;
  • Analgesic effects due to release of endogenous opioids and serotonin;
  • Increasing physical and mental performance.

These same therapeutic benefits of vacuum cupping massage can be used in treating ailments such as:

excessive body weight and cellulite, reduce the depth of skin folds and wrinkles, relieve chronic fatigue syndrome in the legs, osteochondrosis, help in recovering from injuries, myofascial pain syndrome, treatment of muscle trigger points, relief of morning neck and back stiffness and discomfort, helps maintain a healthy immune system and promote wound healing, reduces stress, chronic fatigue, and depression, reduce the negative consequences of the respiratory system diseases and conditions. Cupping massage can also be effective for chronic headaches and insomnia.

Vacuum cupping therapy treatment plans vary on an individual basis. The average treatment plan consist of 7-10 sessions. Sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes and a frequency 1-2 sessions per week.

Situations in which prior consultation is required for clients with:

Tumors or suspicion of neoplastic process; exhaustion; infectious disease in the acute phase; vascular sclerosis; tendency to thrombosis; hemophilia; the use of blood-thinning medications; severe hypertension; severe heart failure; fungal infections and infectious skin lesions.

When pregnant, prior consultation is required.

After treatment, it is normal for some individuals to notice a change in skin color in treated area. These extravasates do not need any treatment and will disappear within a few days. In many cases, spots on the skin will no longer be visible after a few sessions. This can be attributed to the normalization of the microcirculation.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Treatment (TMJ)
Relaxation massage techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques, trigger point therapy, focusing work on the muscles of mastication inside and outside the mouth is effective for treating disorder of the muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joints and associated structures.

Common Symptoms are:

  • sounds (clicking, popping) occur with jaw movement;
  • jaw pain that affected by movements;
  • chronic headaches and neck pain;
  • tenderness and spasm in the muscle of mastication and the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

The most common causes of TMJ are:

  • stress leading to jaw clenching and tooth grinding;
  • imbalances of muscles resulting from spasm and trigger points;
  • loss of the vertical dimension of the bite (malocclusion);
  • hyperkyphosis and scoliosis; hypermobility of joints, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • trauma, such as whiplash.

Suggested treatment frequency is two times a week for two weeks, followed by reassessment, then once a week for several weeks.

Hot stone massage

massage6Hot stones massage can be used for relaxation, muscle spasm, tension and soreness; relieve joint pain and discomfort; reduce congestion from a chest cold, tonsillitis and chronic bronchitis; reduce pain from menstrual cramps and sciatica; help reduce nervous tension and insomnia; increase the general immune response. Locally applied heat can increase cellular metabolic rate, vasodilatation and vascular permeability; it increases blood flow to the area where heat is being applied; decreases local muscular tone; relaxes superficial musculature; connective tissue becomes less dense; wound healing is accelerated.

It is usually combined with the appropriate therapy from Swedish massage to Deep tissue massage depending on the client’s needs.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

-applying the pressure and activating the lymphatic nodes following by repetitive light movements of the therapist hands to direction of the lymphatic nodes. The best results are obtained with accurate knowledge of the specific anatomy, physiology and related hand techniques involved so the practitioner can use the precise rhythm, direction and necessary depth.

Lymphatic drainage evacuates liquids excesses and accrued toxins, improves nutritional processes and tissue cleansing, strengthen the immune system.


massage7_1Aromatherapy can be added by offering different scents using essential oils.
Aromatherapy uses the olfactory system by offering different scents using essential oils. Essential oils are non-oily aromatic liquids occurring naturally in various parts of   flowers, fruits, woods and spices.The use of essential oils for therapeutic, spiritual and hygienic purposes goes back to a number of ancient civilizations which used Aromatherapy for their physical and mental well-being.

Different fragrances are associated with different benefits. Essential Oil  is a good choice to use in cases of stress, insomnia, tension, fatigue, depression, low self esteem; to improve concentration , mood, enhance awareness, relieve muscle discomfort and  increase energy.

Essential oils can be added to the massage oils or diffused into the air.

Salt Glow Massage

massage5The application of moist Dead Sea salt & Coffee granules  with friction massage to stimulate and soften muscles; improve circulation and metabolism; enhances muscle tone; reduces stress;  stimulate nervous system and strengthen the immune system.

In addition, the composition of the Dead Sea salt includes an amazing number of minerals and microelements; rubbing sea salt on the body evens out skin tone, helps eliminate cellulite, cleanses the skin and gives it enhanced elasticity. Coffee granules enhance moisturizing, toning and the anti-cellulite properties of the Dead Sea salt. The skin becomes soft and tender, healthier and fit due to the fact coffee increases the production of collagen and elastin. Antioxidants are contained in coffee which increases skin elasticity and smooths out fine lines. It is also known that carotenoids in the coffee helps in the prevention of skin cancer.

As a result of the procedures, the mood improves, a body receives positive energy, increasing overall feeling of well-being.

Couples  Massage (Dundas location ONLY)


Includes 60 min/90min of side by side  massage by  female RMTs.

Experience relaxation while you are enjoying side by side Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Hot Stones can be used and Aromatherapy can be added by offering different scents using essential oils.

Massage Therapists will customize a treatment based on client’s individual needs and areas of discomfort. Appropriate pressure will be applied from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage depending on the client’s needs.
Deep tissue massage reaches the deep areas of the muscle, manipulates the fascia, loosen ligaments and tendons when needed.

Hot stones can be beneficial to warm the muscles and provide a gentle to deep pressure to release muscles tension. It increases blood flow to the area where heat is being applied, decreases local muscular tone and relaxes superficial musculature. Systemic effect affects the body by increasing the oxygen content of blood; enhances tissue warming prior to and during the massage, thereby providing a very pleasing sense of well being.

The Indian head massage.

massage9The Indian head massage is an ancient form of healing that dates back more than 3,000 years. Working on chakras, it is used for providing balance, promoting healing and physical/emotional harmony.

The Indian head massage act on the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems and promote a positive physiological effect. It is effective for relieving chronic headaches, decreasing neck and shoulders stiffness, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep patterns. The Indian head massage brings amazing feeling of total relaxation to the soul, mind and whole body.

The use of organic oil during head massage adds many benefits. It strengthens and nourishes hair, softens the scalp and can be used to stimulate hair growth.

The duration of Indian head massage is usually 45 minutes concentrating on the head, face, neck, arms and shoulders.

Pregnancy / Prenatal Massage.

Prenatal massage can help to relax tense muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and improve feeling of well being.

It is generally not recommended that women who are in the first trimester of pregnancy be given a massage due to increased risk of miscarriage and morning sickness.

It is important to seek care from a licensed massage therapist (RMT) who knows how to address specific pregnancy needs, avoiding some pressure points in the legs, ankles, feet and lower back that are associated with causing uterine contractions.

To be a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Ontario.

“The practice of Massage Therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain.”

To practise as RMT in Ontario, one must first obtain a Certificate of Registration from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is a professional organization whose purpose is to protect and serve the public by ensuring the competency and quality of care provided by massage therapists.

To be registered with the College of Massage Therapists using a title “Registered Massage Therapist” (RMT) one has to:

  • Obtain a diploma in Massage Therapy from a number of recognized Colleges and Universities. It is two to three years full time program, including studying of Anatomy, Hydrotherapy, Physiology, Pathology, Histology, Massage Treatment, Massage Theory Terminology, Kinesiology, Remedial Exercises, Ethics & Professionalism, Business Management, Communication Skills, Public Health, Nutrition and Clinical Practice.
  • Must successfully complete the certification examinations administered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. There are two components of the certification examination – the written Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) and the Objectively Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE).
  • Obtain professional liability insurance (not less than two million dollars per year).
  • Pay the registration fee each practicing year to the registration renewal.
  • Obtain Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by reading and discussing the mandatory articles, attending seminars and studying new modalities.
  • Keep the Professional Portfolio and be ready for a peer assessment.

When you are looking for a safe professional massage, make your right choice.

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