Reiki Healing

Reiki is a powerful natural technique that uses the body’s natural energy to heal. With the use of universal life energy it unlocks the inner flow of life energy to provide balance and to promote healing along with a feeling of well-being.reiki picture

Modern Reiki traces its origins to Dr. Mikao Usu, a Japanese scholar and spiritualist.  He was of the belief that a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical and emotional conditions could be realized and dedicated much of his life in that endeavor. Later he shared his knowledge with others choosing it as a life path of piece and harmony.

Nowadays, Reiki healers can be found in many different places around the world.  Due to the fact that modern society recognizes Reiki as an ultimate method of healing, it is extensively used among nurses, massage therapists and manual practitioners. Its use can also be found in advanced hospitals and luxury clinics that promote the importance of non-traditional medicine.

Reiki has several levels associated with it. After the dedication of the first level, a Reiki practitioner receives the ability to transmit healing energy through their hands. With dedication to the next level, the healer is able to enhance the Reiki energy, direct it and send it across time and space. Thus, while on the second level, the healer can assist people who are at a considerable distance away. Moreover, since the Universal life energy has no time associated with it, it is possible to balance situations that may occur in the future.

The third level is called Reiki Master level. It enables the teaching of others and dedicates them as Reiki healers.

Reiki can help people to balance their physical and mental health, reduce stress, and promote relaxation and harmony by balancing their spirit, mind and physical body. Reiki brings the body to its original natural balance restoring its ability to heal itself.